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How to write a Chromatic Approach note tune digital download


¨ How to write a Chromatic Approach Tune¨ was created to demonstrate and teach how the Chromatic Approach Technique can be used to compose an entire melody containing multiple key changes to such great effect.

This download contains everything you need to get you writing and improvising fluently using Approach note technique ( If you put in the hours of practice!)

Features of PDF

  • The Chromatic Approach Note Brazilian Chorinho tune (exercise) notated for Concert, Bb , Eb Instruments + Bass Clef and with Guitar tab
  • Meticulously prepared Bar by Bar written analysis. This is like a masterclass on the piece which thoroughly explains each chord, modulation and approach.
  • Specially written One, Two, Three and Four note exercises in ALL 12 keys that Approach Major and Minor Chords. These have been designed so you can assimilate the chromatic approach notes in the shortest possible time.
  • As well, it is invaluable to have them written out for reference in all 12 keys if you are new to approach notes.

Features of Mp3 play alongs/ Demonstration Mp3´s

  •  22 authentic sounding backing tracks specially recorded in Buenos Aires to make this resource as enjoyable as possible.
  •  Different speed backing tracks allow you to practice and learn deeply at a pace that is comfortable.
  • Separate Demonstrations of the Chromatic Approach Tunes on the Flute, Guitar, Accordion, Bass and Saxophone, so you can hear how the melody sounds on the different instruments.
  • Saxophone demonstrations of the One, Two, Three and Four note exercises at slow and medium speeds so you can learn, absorb and hear how the approaches sound as you practice.
  • Guitar play alongs of the F major and Minor grooves as 140, 180 and 220 beats per minute

Included videos

-Mp4 12 minute You tube tutorial

- Saxophone Chorinho MP4

- Flute Chorinho MP4

- Guitar Chorinho MP4

- Bass Chorinho MP4

- Accordian Chorinho MP4

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How to write a Chromatic Approach note tune digital download

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