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Chromatically Approaching Pentatonic Scales

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Have you ever wanted a method to help you incorporate cool, Jazzy, Chromatic notes in to your Improvisations in a coherent way?

If the answer is yes then the Chromatic Approach System could be your holy grail!

This innovative and unique resource combines 2 cutting edge improvisational systems to stunning effect providing the improvisor with the tools to take their playing to a much higher level.

This is a system that you can learn , rely on, Understand then master and use creatively in a myriad of ways

The approaches are presented in an understandable step by step way, making the perhaps complex material easier to assimilate.

Features of this new digital PDF:

  • 70 page featuring one, two, three and four note Approach notes Approaching the Minor Pentatonic scale.
  • Suitable and written for Concert, Bb, Eb and Bass instruments
  • Creative Exercises meticulously written to facilitate the assimilation of each Chromatic Approach in a real life creative way.
  • Specially written Youtube study included that is packed full of killer pentatonic lines full of chromatic approach notes
  • Section of Double Note Approaches exercises in 12 keys
  • Notated Funk, Jazz, Tango, Blues and Brazilian Chorinho examples of Approaches demonstrated in the Youtube video.

Mp3 audio files Included:

  • Multiple specially recorded Funky play alongs by real musicians in 4 speeds (92, 104, 111 and 125 bpm) provide you with the tools you need to practice at the speed you are comfortable with.
  • Multiple keys
  • Mp3 Saxophone demonstrations of all the material
  • Funk, Blues, Jazz, Tango and Chorinho examples included (Sax demonstrations and Play along backings)
  • The chromatic approach note system is so powerful as you can apply it literally to any popular style creatively!

Turbo charge your improvisations once and for all!

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Chromatically Approaching Pentatonic Scales

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